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Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact GBBP


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  • Material : ABS / Metal
  • Capacidad cargador : 22+1 ( 6mm )
  • Longitud : 180 mm
  • Cañón Interno : 74 mm
  • Peso : 709 g
  • Sistema: Gas Blowback
  • Modo disparo : Semiautomatico
  • Hop-Up : Ajustable
  • Potencia : Aprox. 1J ( 318 FPS)

  • Large-diameter cylinder adoption
    A cylinder with a diameter of 15 mm is filled with gas for firing and blowback. Also equipped with a blowback engine based on the M45A1 blowback engine. Realized stable live performance and powerful blowback.
  • Unique V port
    Reproduces 10 slides in the cone barrel and a large slide. Compact but powerful style.
  • Realistic texture
    The slide and frame have a carefully-crafted parting line process and two types of surface finishes that have different textures on the side and on the other. Reproduces the difference in surface finish applied to the real V10.
  • Diecast rear site officially approved by Novac
    Experience the high practicality of Novac site, which is regarded as a treasure of tactical sites.
  • Compatible with Micro Prosite (sold separately)
    The slide is designed exclusively for mounting Micro Prosite (sold separately). If you remove the rear sight at the rear of the slide, you can attach the microprosite using the mount base included with this product.
  • Metal notch spacer
    The metal parts inside the slide receive the load when the slide is open, preventing the slide stop and notch from being scraped or damaged. Die-cast magazine: Comes with 22 magazines and a die-cast magazine that is thin but strong against cold.
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